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Convicted Driver: Implication In Drink Driver Insurance Premium

Normally, when you have a drink driving conviction you cannot drive for the next 5 years. Drink driving is a criminal offence and the penalty will be decided by the authorized agency. When you have committed a serious offence like this, it will greatly affect your life. It has a legal implication and you are criminally liable for it. Such implication is deterrent to your car insurance. But there are car insurance brokers that can mitigate the punishment, and give you drink driver insurance. Although they are capable of doing it, including with the help of third party insurer, it comes with additional premium. If you want to know more about drink driving insurance, you can find its details on total insurance.

Drink Driving Offences And Penalties Incurred

The convicted driver, if found guilty, will face rap, ban, pay the fine or even imprisonment. The level of severity depends on the offence under the law which includes:

  • In charge of the vehicle while over the legal limit or unfit through drink. It will result to 3 months in jail, a fine and perhaps a driving ban.
  • Driving or trying to drive over the legal limit. This means a person could spend 6 months in jail, unlimited fine and a driving ban for 1 year. If convicted twice in 10 years, then, the ban would be 3 years.
  • Avoiding giving specimen of breath, blood or urine to the authority. The refusal could result to 6 months in jail, unlimited fine and a driving ban of 1 year.
  • When you cause death due to negligence. This is a serious offence that could lead to 14 years in jail.

How To Avoid Drink Driving Offences And Even Penalties

In order to avoid any violations and avail drink driver insurance without any hassles. These are sure ways to avoid the offences:

  • Ask your friends to come over instead of going out
  • Taking advantage of the transport and if possible, jot down the important numbers like taxi and water supply
  • Refrain from drinking alcohol, spirits and wines
  • Do activities that doesn’t require going to pubs or clubs