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Guide To Buying Using The Best Blow Vacs You Can Find At Homyden

The fallen leaves on your garden, lawn, or patio are quite something that prompts us to remove them and raking them or picking them up is not quite a pleasant task. It’s time to blow them away with the use of leaf blowers and vacuums or blow vacs.

Types of blow vacs

Looking for the right blow vacs would start in consideration of the size of your area and how denser the leaves are packed in your garden or lawn. You can choose from the three types of blowers.

  • Handheld blowers
  • Backpack blowers
  • Wheel blowers

Since we are talking about blowers with vacuum capacity, we would mostly focus on the handheld. Handheld blow vacs also have different variants particular on its motor operation.

  • Electric operated motor
  • Gasoline or petrol operated motor
  • Rechargeable battery operated engines

Decide which one is best for your needs

To help you decide which of these handheld blow vacs that you can find at homyden is best for you, we will guide you how each of them works.

Electric operated blow vacs are excellent for blowing and vacuuming leaves in an extended time. However, its electrical cord can limit your working area. Electrical extension cords can be used to extend your distance. If you want to get more interesting details about best leaf blower vacuum, you may go here.

Gasoline or petrol operated will allow you to work anywhere you want. This is perfect for larger yards and garden. However, the motor of this blow vac can be noisy, and smoke or fumes come out its exhaust. Wearing a complete protective gear with nose covers could be the solution.

Rechargeable or battery-operated blow vacs are also excellent for targeting distant areas. They are less noisy and yet have the same blowing and vacuum power with other types of blow vacs. However, battery run time is limited, so you need to recharge the battery after 30 minutes of use.