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Hot Work – Fire Watch Essentials You Must Know About

Hot works include processes like welding, grinding, or heating and other heat-related or spark-producing operations. Undertaking this kind of work at places which has the presence of flammable liquids, vapors, and liquids, and combustible liquids increase the probability of fire hazards and make the place more prone to fire hazards

Hazards Associated With Fireworks Are:

  1. Fire can take place from flames produced by heat, sparks, and molten metal.
  2.  Explosion can happen when repairing or cutting the vessels or pipes which contains flammable material.
  3. Fire or burn due to misuse of oxygen.
  4. Crush or impact explosions when handling flammable gas cylinders.
  5. Fire explosions can also take place because of a gas leak, backfire, or flashback.

Taking into consideration these all threats that can lead to fire hazards, we may have some knowledge about fire watching essentials. Below given are some measures adopted by fire watch companies. Author is an expert of fire watch guards, visit here for more interesting information.

Essentials For Fire Watch

  • Appoint a reasonable officer to:
  •  Inspect the site thoroughly before the work is done.
  • Ensure the safe conduction of work.
  •  Authorize the work when conduct inside somewhere at a place prone to fire hazards.
  • Conduct further testing and continuous inspection by a responsible officer.
  •  Cease the work in the case at the site, the flammable gas level goes over 5%.
  • Ensure that the equipment is safely located.
  • Check equipment regularly for damage, faults, and leaks. Regular maintenance must be conducted to reduce the risk of leakage.
  •  Never use oxygen to blow off the dust from machines because more oxygen can increase the risk of fire.

Keeping in mind all these safety essentials, it is possible to avoid the risk of fire at the workplace pr construction sites that neither the property nor the human life is endangered.