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The Wood Carving Tools Must Haves

Think of William H. Macy, Mark Harmon, Tom Selleck, Daniel Day-Lewis, Harrison Ford, Andy Rooney, Jimmy Carter, Nick Offerman, Dana Vollmer and George Montgomery. What do these Hollywood A-list celebrities and personalities have in common? Guessing it correctly? Yep! They are at one way or another, fell in love in wood carvings and woodworking or they made it as a hobby or as a business.

Wood carving requires a creative imagination, a keen and meticulous knowledge in different kinds of woods and a sturdy and flexible hands. It is considered as an art, and many art museums has historical artifacts carved out of woods displayed. Some artists or creative tinkerers expressed themselves in this form, similar to how a writer writes a story or a painter paints a canvas. If you want to know more about wood carving tools, you can find its details on

Steps In Wood Carving

Of course, it is always a basic for an artist to have a great wood carving tools or set. In addition, these are the basic steps on how to create an artistic wood carvings:

  • Decide what to carve to showcase artistry
  • Create a blueprint or drawing plan of the object
  • Find the ”specific” type of wood needed for the art
  • Carve on the wood the desired object to create, use technique if possible
  • Roughing it out or grounding
  • Modelling
  • Detailing
  • Finishing the wood carving

The Wood Carving Must Haves

In order to bring out that carved wood into life, it requires a great carving tools and a precise amount of pressure in the hand. With that being said, here are carving tools you will be needing:

  1. Standard chisel
  2. Chip carving knife
  3. V-Gouges
  4. U-Gouges
  5. Bent and Spoon Gouges
  6. Skewed chisel
  7. Mallet
  8. Palm tools

While those are the basic carving tools, there are also machines like power carving tools to mechanized the process. Equipment like:

  1. Foredom flexible shaft tool
  2. Burs and Accessories
  3. Drill press
  4. Band saw
  5. Belt sander
  6. Chainsaw
  7. Planer and Joiner